What we do

Documentaries and shorter videos

Storyrunner was founded in 2012 as production agency with a strong focus on documentary filmmaking. We have made over 10 documentaries for the Belgian national tv (Canvas), all different topics from "Biodiversity in Belgium" to clean technologies to the power of micro-organisms. We also made a documentary on animal testing from the point of view of scientists. Documentary filmmaking is still one of our main passions and drivers, but today we also make much shorter videos and reportages for social media, websites, conferences and exhibitions.  

Your (European) research project in the spotlight

Storyrunner is partner of many European research projects. Together with the researchers we make the premium video of the research project. Our speciality: making complex information accessible to the general public. 

Storyrunner uses different styles. The "presentation style" is 100% based on a storyboard, so background, animations and presentation can blend perfectly. Ideal for your research video! 

And then there is the "reportage style". Here we use no script and less animations, but these videos can be more spontaneous and authentic. Sometimes we combine both styles. 

Videos for conferences or exhibitions

Video can make your conference or exhibition more attractive and dynamic. Storyrunner has lots of experience in this field. We made the videos for 50 years Leuven Research and Development, for the IABR in Rotterdam and Brussels and for the Zwin Nature Park exhibition in Knokke (Belgium).

Famous experts can lift your video!

Storyrunner has a good reputation and has worked with many well-known experts or famous presenters. Such a celebrity can lift up your video and bring your message to a much lager public.  

Partner of KU Leuven

Storyrunner has a framework agreement with KU Leuven. This makes it for researchers, faculties, institutions and organisations linked to the university of Leuven much easier to work with us. (This our reference TD/90302/PES). 

What we do

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